Mastering Self-Control

Mastering Self-Control

Take the reins! Here's what behavioral science tells us about breaking bad habits, kickstarting new ones, and recharging your willpower.

Lessons from Thumbsucking, the Earliest Addiction

We can learn lots from these 10 ways to help kids conquer thumb habits.

The Power of Choosing Your Thoughts

Introspection versus rumination

How To Act After a Break-Up: 5 Things to Remember

You can help heal your heartbreak but only when you want to get over the pain.

Why Business Leaders Need To Build Greater Self-Awareness

Senior executives don't seek coaching or leadership development. Here's why.

How to Deal with Annoying People

Turning Down the Flame When Your Blood Boils

How to Express Feelings... and How Not to

Saying what you feel can intensify your connections...or can wreck relationships

Relationship Basics: The Business Meeting

Good timing and reasonableness need to be planned

Preventing Mom Meltdowns and Dad Detonations

Six ways to stay calm in tough parenting moments.

From Bad to Good Habits in Five Achievable Steps

Putting them behind you can have a major impact on your health and social life.

Adolescence and the Growing Complexity of Life

As life grows more complex in adolescence, it is easy to feel overwhelmed.

Early Risers Have Better Emotional Control

“Morning people” Found To Be More Emotionally Stable Than “Evening People”

Cosmic Wedgies and Post-traumatic Stress Distorter

Even without PTSD, we're all changed by our traumas.

What Makes People Talk Too Much?

You have the right to enforce your boundaries. Here's how.

Not Enough Willpower? Use Your "Extended Will!"

Getting help is a terrific technique for boosting your willpower.

Taming the Want Monster

The if-I-don’t-get-it-I’ll-die type of desire that we think is tied to happiness

How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

How to keep cool under pressure: Handling anger, nervousness, fear & indecision

Deadlines Work

Put yourself in a box in order to think out of it.

Willpower and Temptation

An old solution to the problem of temptation.

Nature or Nurture? Self-Control or Childhood Experience?

Taking another look at the "Marshmallow Task"

The Brain's Ability to Look Within: A Secret to Self-Mastery

Tapping into our ability to turn attention inward empowers and heals.

Dislike of a friend’s romantic partner

Do you tell your friend? Research highlights why, why not, & friendship effects

Gamble Much? How to Figure out if You've Got a Problem

Get inside the mind of the compulsive gambler

Varieties of Family Conflict in Adolescence

Parents should be prepared for more family conflict during adolescence

News: A Toasted Marshmallow (Test)

The classic test of self-control is not as straightforward as you might believe.

Four Fabulous Lessons on Eating from Julia Childs

Four Fabulous Lessons on Eating from Julia Childs

Writing When You Don't Feel Like It

Write nonfiction with more knowledge and less angst.

What can be done to help with compulsive spending habits?

Compulsive buyers believe those products will bring them happiness.