How to Spot a Narcissist

How to Spot a Narcissist

Welcome to the contradictory universe of narcissism.

A Field Guide To Narcissism

Narcissists are charming, exasperating, and captivating.

Do Narcissists Secretly Hate Themselves?

Evidence that narcissists really do think they're "all that."

"You're the Narcissist." "No, You're the Narcissist."

Introverts and extroverts accuse each other of narcissism. Who's right?

Jodi, Joran and Casey: On the Psychology of Evil

How are the Jodi Arias, Casey Anthony and Joran van der Sloot cases similar?

The Real Meaning of 'Good' and 'Evil'

How are saintly people different from 'evil' ones? What does 'good' really mean?

Are All Leaders Narcissists?

Some leaders are clearly narcissists. Is narcissism good, bad, or neutral?

3 Key Tells that you're in a Relationship with a Narcissist

How to identify those egotists who wreak havoc in personal and work relations

Clueless Lovers: Weiner, Spitzer and Filner Aren't Alone

"The Art of Loving" is largely ignored in our fiercely competitive society.

Why are Narcissists (Initially) so Popular?

Breaking down the popularity of the narcissist

Is Your Caregiver Self-Absorbed and Manipulative?

What to do when your caregiver is a narcissist

Are We Raising a Nation of Narcissists?

Looking at the new challenges to parenting in 2012.

Behind the Facade: The "False Self" of the Narcissist

Narcissists can't differentiate between their mask and their true self

The Narcissist's Dilemma: They Can Dish It Out, But . . .

Sure, the narcissist's many defenses protect them--but at what cost?

Working with a Narcissist

3 Ways To Get The Upper Hand

Will Fame Buy Me Love?

What is it in your past that motivates you today?

Baby Killers

What kind of woman leaves her newborn child in a toilet tank?

Good Self-esteem, or is He an Egotistical Maniac?

Almost a bigfoot cartoon, but not quite.

Self-Esteem Versus Narcissism

The Value of Self-Esteem and the Dangers of Narcissism

Texting and the Culture of Drama (Queens and Kings)

Is the new generation self-absorbed or merely bored?

The Key To Keeping Arguments From Becoming Fights

Nothing makes us fight dirtier than the rhetoric of feigned objectivity

Success Can Breed the Narcissism of "Tall Man Syndrome"

Too much charisma from status, wealth, or good looks can invite narcissism.

Talking to a Narcissist

Is talking to a narcissist worthwhile?

How to Spot a Narcissist? Pretty Easy When Everywhere!

It’s easy to spot a narcissist…like fishing in a barrel!

Narcissists Are Not Accountable

Who me? I didn’t do it!