Highlights: July 28–August 3

Here's what we loved reading this week, including: How to foster sustainable self-esteem, the distractions of open-office plans, and the nonlethal weapons that might some day protect schools.

Self Esteem or Other Esteem?

By Mel Schwartz L.C.S.W.
Seek the former, avoid the latter.

Why Do Human Friends (But Not Pets) Make People Live Longer?

By Hal Herzog Ph.D.
The lack of a "pet effect" on human longevity is puzzling.

Today's Healthy Baby, Tomorrow's Designer Baby?

By Jessica Cussins
What are the implications of full genome sequencing of IVF embryos?

The Introvert-Friendly Office

By Sophia Dembling
Environment can help or hinder introverts' productivity

Hooking Up's Downside

By Jill P. Weber Ph.D.
What women should know.

Can New Tech Help Protect Schools?

By Anthony F. Lemieux Ph.D.
Let's bypass the stalemate over guns and look at advanced non-lethal technology.

Scientists, Games and Chicks

By Joachim I Krueger Ph.D.
Are scientists mad?

Don’t Let Them Smell You Sweat

By Ashley N. D. Meyer Ph.D.
How people can see, hear, and smell your fear