Tough Choice

Tough Choice

Why an excess of options leaves us increasingly unhappy with the decisions we make.

Why Selective Colleges (and Outstanding Students) Should Be Less Selective

Current admissions processes at top universities are expensive and inefficient.

Trader Joe's, Where Less Is More

How Trader Joe's Profits from Offering Limited Product Selection

5 Tough Choices You Face When Chronically Ill or in Pain

Chronic pain and illness require the courage to make tough choices.

What Race is George Zimmerman?

George Zimmerman has been described as white, a white Hispanic, and mixed race

When Adolescents become their Own Worst Enemy

Watch out for self-defeating and self-destructive behaviors in adolescence

Are Second-Hand Lovers Merely a Second Best?

On the romantic value of being the last

How to Stay Cool Under Pressure

How to keep cool under pressure: Handling anger, nervousness, fear & indecision

With Food Choices, Are You a "Maximizer" or a "Satisficer?"

For more satisfying eating, decide to become a "satisficer."

Are You Agitating or Thinking?

Do you obsess, stuck in mental wheel-spinning, when you need to make a decision?

The Psychology of Bidding on The Price is Right

How do contestants balance moral considerations and rational self-interest?

Your Situation Rooms: How Decisions Happen and Don't

"Don't Go There" as "Please don't make me visit that situation room"

Work-Life "Balance" Is Impossible -- And Why That's Good

Both "work" and "life" are on the same side of the true scale.

What If We Choose To Do It With Love?

Racial Justice Requires a Choice That Seems Hard to Make

Can Females Influence The Culture of Sports?

Our potential role on the athletic fields.

How do people define the "good life"?

Research shows that self-development increases happiness.

Identity at Work: Career Crafting

Why it's better to create, rather than follow, our bliss

Amy Ferris: Assisted Loving

A daughter's struggle to come to terms with her mother's dementia.