The American Way

The American Way

What does it mean to be a U.S. citizen? Understanding the American psyche.

The End of Religion? Been to America Lately?

Religion may be out, but America is being led around by Christians.

Of Brainiacs and Billionaires

The biggest brains will increasingly set the country's course and become top earners in the process.

July 4th Story: Focus on Veterans' Needs

How every American can help reduce veterans' suffering

What Kinds of People Start Businesses?

People with the personality profile to be entrepreneurs cluster in regions.

4 Common Misconceptions About the Bill of Rights

Four essential points about the Bill of Rights that many Americans get wrong

Why We Overspend With Credit

Both emotional and cognitive forces stimulate overspending with credit.

Americans' Rage Against Death

The United States is dying because we can't accept death

Culture Shock: Spain Versus America

Are Americans and Spaniards psychologically different?

Example is the Only Way to Influence Others

Whether you intend to or not, you lead by example

Keeping ahead of the Joneses

Measuring our gains and losses relative to those of another

Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results from Decades of Research

Decades of research reveal surprising truths about infidelity.

What's Fair? Two Views of Government

Americans can be proud of our diverse views of the role of government.

Patriotism: Virtue or Sin?

Is patriotism good or bad? Or is it neither?

Every Day Is Independence Day, and Interdependence Day

One out of many: Balancing the seesaw of independence and intimacy

Man of Steel

How being perfect has its perils.

Why Did Superman Renounce His U.S. Citizenship?

Do superheroes owe allegiance to just one country?

Does Politics Matter When It Comes to Loving Cats or Dogs?

Liberals and conservatives have different feelings toward cats and dogs.

Religious Freedom

Another casualty of the Arab spring

Oh, Say, Can You See?

A story of pride, compassion, and positive youth development.

The Pursuit of Liberty

Gaining freedom from the shackles of American happiness

Cult of Clean

We've become a nation of grime fighters—for better or worse.

The Best Cure For Fear? A Little More Trust

Five ways to come together after senseless acts of violence.

American Racism: The Health Outcomes of a Racist Society

Institutional racism kills people, literally, but change is possible.

Resilience and…Giving of Yourself to Others

Often the path to resilience is to focus on giving to others

Bad King George! Why Leaders Hope We Trust Them

Independence Day, cookouts, beer swilling neighbors, and trust in our leaders.

Financial status of highly-educated early-career women

The financial status and well-being of highly-educated women

We Hold These Truths to be Self-Evident

A personal declaration of independence from my brain.

Twelve "Labors" of Adolescence

Parents can forget many ways adolescence requires a young person to be brave.