My Blended Family

My Blended Family

What does your family look like? Below, musings and findings on the ways loved ones transcend cultural obstacles and build their own families.

Couple Privilege and the Ecology of Intimate Relationships

What happens when one form of relationship squashes diversity?

How a Large Hispanic-American Family Stays Close

Large and close-knit extended families are an endangered species.

"Bird's Nest" Co-Parenting Arrangements

When Parents Rotate In and Out of the Family Home

Living Together Before Marriage Breaking Bad For Women

Women who cohabitate before engagement are more likely to divorce.

Eight Misconceptions about “Three-Parent Babies”

What to know as the UK works to reverse ban on modifying future children's genes

The Stepfamily Dance

Changing your steps.

Single Gay and Heterosexual Men Choose Fatherhood

Single Gay and Heterosexual Men Choose Fatherhood

To Come Out To a Stranger Or Not?

How coming out may be an ongoing process

Not Going Nuclear: So Many Ways to Live and Love

Increasingly, households and personal communities are not anchored by couples.

6 Well-Kept Secrets that Affect Family Size

Changes creating The New Traditional Family.

A Story of Slavery From the Deep North

A review of the documentary film, Traces of the Trade.

Remarriage with Adolescents

Remarriage with teenagers create the hardest step relationships of all.

Adoption Diary Pt. 3: My Daughter in Her Own Words

When she becomes a mother herself, my daughter makes peace with her past.