Green With Envy?

Green With Envy?

Rethinking envy: How to deal with its effects on relationships and self-esteem, how it might ultimately help you (in some cases), and why it isn't so great to be envied.

Envy in Hollywood

Using envy to re-double your efforts.

The Facebook Cure: 5 Ways to Get Rid Of "Facebook Envy"

Five ways to cure "the Facebook blues"

The Triggers of Envy Are Different for Men and Women.

The Triggers of Envy are Different for Men and Women.

Transforming Envy into Joy

Envy can be turned into joy for the very person you envy.

What really inspires a woman to go shopping?

Do potential mates actually find “costly signal” attractive?

Are You Stuck in the Jealousy Trap?

Overcome your jealousy in 6 not-so-easy, but achievable, steps.

When Everyone is Faster than You

What to do when you can't keep up with your peers

Extrovert Envy

On coveting the rewards of extroversion

Jealousy and Envy: The Emotions of Comparison and Contrast

Jealousy and envy are emotional transformations of shame.

Jealousy: The 3 Main Causes and Their Cures

Trust evaporates when jealousy erupts.

Envy: What Good Can We Glean from Such a Toxic Emotion?

Envy has a nasty side, but it can also be a useful signal of what matters to us.

Understanding Envy with Social Comparison Theory

Sorry, but your good news is often bad news for friends, family, and colleagues.

Marriage Angst: Are Single People the Cause?

The answer to marriage angst you won’t read anywhere else