Emotional First Aid

Emotional First Aid

Dealing with failure, rejection, guilt, and other common mental injuries. By Guy Winch

Scared or Startled?

Five Tips to Step Out of the Fear

Resilience: Why It's Vital and How To Enhance It

You can't always get what you want, but resilience helps you rebound sooner.

How To Prevent Your Marriage From Making You Depressed

9 research findings on marriage and depression, and how unequal power does harm.

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Rejection can make you sensitive in a smart way

Are You Emotionally Contagious?

Do others' emotions infect you, or are you the carrier?

Manage Emotional Pains with RAINS

RAIN on your parade of negative thinking habits.

Nostalgia – a Valuable Tool for Life

Focusing on what our lives have meant to us reassures us we’re valuable.

The Essential Guide for Recovering From Failure

The psychological wounds failure inflicts and how to treat them

The American Heart Association Says Dogs Are Good for You

Dog ownership is associated with decreased cardiovascular disease.

Are You Embarrassed?

Embarrassment stems from unrealistic expectations and negative self-judgment.

When Breath Saves Life

For these veterans, healing trauma was as simple as learning how to breathe.

The Head Doctor

The meaning of words

Practicing Emotional First Aid

The importance of treating common psychological injuries

Pain & Pleasure. (part 2)

Hope fitness is Hypocampus Hygeine.

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What to do when your Facebook friends stop being your friends

The Love in Chicken Broth

Finding love in unexpected places

KA-BOOM! The Explosive Pain of Shame

Shame is so powerful it can make you feel worthless.

Embracing the Worst

Lessons learned from a stomach flu

Do Others Underestimate Your Emotional Pain?

Why others tend to underestimate how much rejection hurts