A Woman's Pleasure

A Woman's Pleasure

It's more than just libido: Women's sexuality comes in many shades and can have some powerful side-effects—our long awakening continues.

Infidelity Detection And Women’s Interest In Oral Sex

An attempt to link fellatio with infidelity detection has a bizarre outcome

Why Women Are More Sexual in Some Societies

Competition between women raises the sexual temperature.

On Sex and Terrorism

What motivates Islamic jihadists to initiate violence, brutality and wars?

Sex: Faking It

Why woman fake orgasms.

Baby Come and Light My Fire...

For women, exercise is to sex what sparks are to fire.

Misconceptions about a Woman's Sexuality

Debunking the myths about what women want and don't want

Fifty Shades of Female Sexuality

Technology is changing relationships in ways undreamed of just a few years ago.

What Counts as Normal?

“Different” is not the same as abnormal or unhealthy.

Should Mothers Teach Daughters to Enjoy Sex?

Sexual pleasure for women is the last frontier

Six Myths About Female Sexuality and Why They're Myths

Research disproves outdated ideas about the female libido once and for all.

Should We Get The Government Out Of The Bedroom?

Should we get the government out of the marriage business?

Do You Two Mesh? The 1 Min. Intimacy Compatibility Test

If your priorities don't match, you may have some work to do.

Affairs of State? Why Powerful Women Don't Cheat (or Caught)

New York Times: When it comes to political sex scandals, "girls won't be boys."

What Makes a Man a Great Romantic Partner?

If you’re looking for a good man, check out his attachment style

Do People with ADHD Cheat More?

Could a gene variation influence infidelity?

Female Sexual Desire: An Evolutionary Biology Perspective

One perspective on sex differences in libido.