Top 25 List: June 2013

Our can't-miss posts from the past month, including: Why feeling bad isn't necessarily a bad thing; how to pick up on relationship red-flags; and breaking out of the mindset that breeds bias and hate. Photo via Shutterstock.

8. When A Wolf Dies

By Virginia Morell
Do individual animals matter?

1. Seven Good Things About Feeling Bad

By Douglas T. Kenrick Ph.D.
The bright sides of sadness.

3. On Older Men and Younger Women

By Christopher Ryan Ph.D.
Hugo Schwyzer owes Johnny Depp an apology.

4. How to Manage Your Partner's Bad Moods

By Alex Lickerman M.D.
Resisting another person's unhappiness requires a well-considered strategy.

12. Men and Women's Breasts: It's Complicated

By Michael Castleman M.A.
Do men prefer big ones? Yes—and no.

5. Warning Signs that Your Relationship May Not Last

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Which personality types should you avoid?

2. 5 Early Signs You're With a Narcissist

By Craig Malkin Ph.D.
Learn how to spot the red flags for narcissism you might have missed.

6. 12 "Thirty Second" Ways to Connect With Your Spouse

By Jamie Long Psy.D.
When there simply isn't enough time to show your love, here are 12 quickies.

9. The True Cause Of Cruelty, Redux

By Alex Lickerman M.D.
The real reason people treat each other so badly.

10. 1-Minute Trick: Negotiating Like a Boss

By Heidi Grant Halvorson Ph.D.
Adopt the mindset to get what you want.

11. Why Women Want Tall Men

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
When it comes to finding a romantic partner, what’s a short man to do?

7. If Only... Gender Differences in Sexual Regret

By Noam Shpancer Ph.D.
Women regret sex without relationships. Men regret relationships without sex.

13. The Secret to Achieving Anything You Want

By Alex Lickerman M.D.
The power inherent in making a friend of pain.

21. Having It All by Raising Only One?

By Lauren Sandler
Without better family policy, is having an only child the closest we can get?

14. Education: Help Us Reach the Tipping Point

By Peter Gray Ph.D.
Building a directory of resources for self-directed learners.

16. Six Ways to Get Me to Email You Back

By Adam Grant Ph.D.
How to capture the attention of busy people.

17. If You Like Something, Say Something

By Mark Sherman Ph.D.
A lighthearted look at our serious need for reinforcement from others.

25. Don't Call Me Neurotic

By Sophia Dembling
A guide to introverts, misanthropes, neurotics, and the shy.

18. The Hidden Costs of Resilience

By Guest Blogger
Beyond the surface of success.

15. I Can’t Stop These Cravings!

By Mary E. Pritchard Ph.D.
How to handle food cravings.

19. How to Mourn a Breakup

By Suzanne Lachmann Psy.D.
Moving past grief and withdrawal.

22. A Whale Has Eaten One of the Trainers

By Marc Bekoff Ph.D.
A film that shows why orcas shouldn't be caged to entertain.

23. Superstardom: It’s Not All About Practice

By Sian Beilock Ph.D.
10,000 hours may not be enough.

24. Sex Differences When Choosing vs. Rejecting Mates

By Gad Saad Ph.D.
Mate search: Women are more selective.

20. Women Flock to Pornography

By Nigel Barber Ph.D.
Female interest in pornography is greater than evolutionary psychology expects.