I Am Unique

I Am Unique

What makes you different from other people? Are you sure? Our experts pick apart the self, what distinguishes you, and why we view ourselves differently than we used to.

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Discover Your True Calling in Life

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A new take on “you don’t know what you’re missing”

6 Benefits of Alone Time

We all need certain conditions to find our flow.

Don't Call Me Neurotic (Unless I Am)

A field guide to introverts, misanthropes, neurotics, and shy people

Ask Good Question to Create Success

Pick good questions to live a good life.

21 Quotes on Authenticity

Enjoy some quotes on authenticity.

Our Many Selves

Do you have more than one self?

Stick It in Your Ear

Have you heard about sound therapy?

A Quiet Rant About Introversion and Shyness

None of us likes to be misunderstood.

Why Can't I Get the Job Done on Time?

Am I passive-aggressive or just disorganized?

Have You Tried to Improve Your Self-Esteem But Failed?

Why self-esteem programs need to be individualized

The Perennial Question: Who Am I?

Not being stuck in a fixed identity is liberating.

You Are What You Say

Do you say 'I' too much, or not enough?

Personality In the Bedroom

What we know from 20 years of research on sexuality and personality

Cat People Are More Distinctive Than Dog People

Self-identified cat people have more unusual personality traits than dog people

What Makes You Who You Are?

What makes you who you are? Maybe not as much as you thought.

Self by Consensus

Identity & angst in the post-post modern age