When Good Guys Finish First

When Good Guys Finish First

Compassion is the winner in love and competition. Plus: Shy geeks rule, what's good for the bottom line, tips for the perennially nice, and more.

Why Nice Guys Can Finish First

Our notion that "nice guys finish last" is obsolete.

Being Nice Doesn't Always Work Out

Nice people are for nice neighborhoods

The Art of Disagreeing Agreeably

How to disagree and say no in a way that augments goodwill.

Redefining Success in a Post-Careerist Culture

As our society changes, so does our definition of "success" in work and life.

Do Nice Guys (and Gals) Finish First or Last?

Competence, conscience, and compassion: The 3 C's you need to be.

Asperity Parity: How To Argue Forcefully Yet Fairly

Balancing tact and attack; biting your tongue yet speaking your mind.