Wedding Fever

Wedding Fever

The cultural influences behind marriage mania—plus tips on what really matters when it comes to tying the knot.

What Makes a Man a Great Romantic Partner?

If you’re looking for a good man, check out his attachment style

Can I Trust My Gut to Know I've Found My True Love

5 faster tests than cohabitation to decide if you're ready to leap into marriage

Marriage: 8 Dangerously Wrong Conventional Wisdoms

Change this mistaken "wisdom" for a new you and a new marriage.

Fantasy Weddings Can Hurt More Than Your Wallet

Does wanting to be a princess on the big day undermine women’s power?

Chart Your Relationship’s Future

Three ways to diagnose, and predict, where your relationship is going

Relationships that are especially prone to love blindness

Tread cautiously with long-distance and internet-mediated relationships

The Business of Marriage

Mergers and prenups in a changing world

7 Predictors of Long-Term Relationship Success

7 ways to making your love last

Want Love? Try Emotional Competence.

The Psychology of Emotional Competence

Marry Young? That's What This Young Bride Suggests

A Millennial who married at 23 is urging her peers to marry young

Do you Need a Makeover, or a Makeout?

Set your goals before the next party you attend.

Gay Celebrity Sex Addiction Scandal

Allegations of sex addiction are thrown around in latest celebrity sex scandal.

Wedding Season 2: Weddings Weren’t Always Like This

Weddings used to be about community, not just one couple.

Will It Last?

Four Factors That Predict Whether or Not You’ll Be Together For the Long Haul

Are Single People More Resilient Than Everyone Else?

Why are singles happier and healthier than scientists predicted?

Mama June's Celebrity Wedding

Honey Boo Boo Darling's mama gets hitched in a camouflage wedding gown.

Is Marriage a Status Symbol or a Rebuke to Uppity Women?

Why do accomplished women get handed a marriage script?

Marriage obsession gets recharged

Would modern women give up their careers for marriage and children?

5 Reasons to be In Therapy

Getting the most out of life

Weddings, Funerals, Reboots - Capes and Cognitive Dissonance

Will cognitive dissonance increase commitment to new comic books or to the old?

Does Marriage Matter?

Does marriage make us more committed? According to testosterone, no.