Sex Ed

Sex Ed

From the mysteries of the female orgasm to the health benefits of getting it on, our top bedroom insights.

Flex Appeal

What turns a woman on? Much more than you—or she—might think.

Our Sexuality, Our Selves

Who you are and what turns you on.

Sex: Don't Ask, Don't Tell

Most ob/gyns and their patients aren't discussing the nitty-gritty details of sex—but they should be.

12 Rude Revelations About Sex

Why do most people lie about their real desires?

Sleeping Together

Step aside, Big O: Zzz's matter, too.

Should Mothers Teach Daughters to Enjoy Sex?

Sexual pleasure for women is the last frontier

Sexual Wiring of Women's Breasts

Neuroscientists establish breasts as sexual organs

How Creative Flow is Like Sex

Consider 4 ways sexuality and creativity share common ground.

The Secret to Maintaining Sexual Desire

Research explains why it's easier for some of us than others.

Prom Night: 5 things to tell your children

Keep your children safe but make sure their prom is a meaningful event

What Is It about Men and Breast Size?

New research reveals clues to the mystery of physical preferences

Baby Come and Light My Fire...

For women, exercise is to sex what sparks are to fire.

Teach Porn In Schools?

Prepare students to deal with porn; teach them about their brains

What Your Grandmother Didn’t Tell You About Her Sex Life

How does, or will, your sexuality change as you get older?

Does Your Partner Complain About Your Sex Life?

The danger of ignoring sexual complaints from your partner

9 Essential Habits of Sexual Assertiveness

Expert advice that can keep you safer and make you happier.

Getting Married and Getting Sex (or Not)

Here’s what the research on marital status and sex really does show.