Highlights: May 19–25

Highlights: May 19–25

Here are our top picks of the week, including: how to build up compassion, why bias hurts business, and why really smart people aren't so cold and calculating.

Doomed to Be Single? 5 Reasons Millennials Worry

Is marriage becoming so last century?

Feminism and Evolutionary Psychology: Complementary

The Feminist Evolutionary Psychology Society

Who’s Smarter: The Selfish or the Generous?

Rethinking the intelligence of givers and takers

Compassion Can Be Trained

Loving kindness meditation cultivates compassion and altruism.

The Word-Wise Spiral

To think more wisely, cultivate your word power.

Predicting the IQ of Future People

Coming soon: much more publicity about race, genes and IQ

Cognitive Biases Are Bad for Business

Do you see irrationality in your company?

What States Have the Highest SAT Scores?

Key elements that affect competition of all kinds for all of us.