Highlights: May 12–18

Highlights: May 12–18

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: when not to smile, how to deal with guilt-trippers, and why trying to be happy may be a waste of time.

On Making Judgments and Being Judgmental

Eight dynamics to consider in making constructive judgments.

When Women Bully Women

Female body hatred, a precursor to female bullying

Burned Out? Three Bright Ideas to Light Up Your Life

You're not a broken bulb. Re-connect with your power to shine.

UFC Fighters Who Smile Before a Fight Lose More

Smile as a sign of submission and lack of aggression

The Psychology and Management of Guilt Trips

Guilt trips come with a price that both parties should want to stop paying.

Psychopaths Do Show They Care

Caring about others, for psychopaths, may be a matter of identity.

Trying to Be Happy

Does it make us happy?

Oh Father, Let Me Extol Your Influence

How measuring effects of fatherhood on children is more difficult than you think