Unwind. Sit Back. Breathe.

Unwind. Sit Back. Breathe.

We're a culture obsessed with relaxation. What's the key to unwinding? And is escaping stress as critical as we think?

Meditation on the Move

Where ever you can walk, you can meditate.

The Science of Meditation

Squashing anxiety in a tranquil state.

Mind Over Matter, Indeed

A large bowl of macaroni and cheese just bubbled to consciousness.

The Power of Being

Experience the joy of being in the present moment

Why Do We Sigh?

Does sighing help us physically? Mentally? Is it a form of communication?

Breathing: The Little Known Secret to Peace of Mind

We take our breath for granted, but learning to breathe can change our life.

4 Tips for Slowing Down to Reduce Stress

From cutting back on multitasking to doing things in slow motion: slow down!

Time to Cover Your Clocks

Find more time by forgetting time.

Benefits of Mindfulness

As therapists, cultivating mindfulness is perhaps the greatest gift we can offer

Just Breathe: The Experiences of a Reluctant Meditator

What happens when a psychologist tries the 28-day meditation challenge?

Chill Out

The trick is to take your mind off the prize

Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety and Distress

Negative emotions are hard-wired into our brains to be managed, not eliminated

To Be Happy You May Need to be Stressed

I learned from a Sufi mystic that too little stress is surprisingly unpleasant.