The Power of Firsts

The importance of early sexual experiences. Plus: Your first addiction, teenage romances, and the power of first impressions.

They Call That Dancing?!

By Eileen Kennedy-Moore Ph.D.
Can grinding at high school dances be stopped?

Therese Anne Fowler: My First Tatoo

By Jennifer Haupt
A reminder: we get each moment only once.

Thin Slices & First Impressions

By Jeff Thompson Ph.D.
Thin slices are not food but still very important!

First Sex: Just The Science Please

By Marnia Robinson
Youth and intense sexual arousal are a surprisingly volatile combination

What’s the Worst that can Happen?

By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.
I discovered that being bold could have enormous rewards.

The Deceptive Power of Love's First Moments

By Susan Heitler Ph.D.
Can you trust the potent sexual feelings of new love, especially on the rebound?

The Win-Lose Baby Equation

By Susan Newman Ph.D.
A first baby tightens family bonds and shakes up your social network.

Teenagers in Love

By Nancy Kalish Ph.D.
Parents' reactions to teen romance.

More Teen Sex at Home and Fewer Pregnancies: Here’s Where It Happens

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
Not all countries share American understandings of teen sexuality