Highlights: April 7–13

Highlights: April 7–13

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: the purpose of sighing, what Margaret Thatcher taught us about female leaders, and how to deal with college rejection and making your own destiny.

Homer and Homicide

The Iliad and the glorification of everyday violence.

Curbing Too-High Hopes for Children’s Success

Why and how to curb parental fantasies for children’s futures.

Is Arguing Really Bad for the Children?

Why alarm over the risks of stress threatens the art of argument.

My Ten Commandments

For a remarkable relationship.

The Great College Hoax

Coping with college rejection letters

Why Do We Sigh?

Does sighing help us physically? Mentally? Is it a form of communication?

Autism Prevalence: Can It Be 1 in 50?

Thoughts on the latest autism prevalence news, and what it means to us

Women, Power and Margaret Thatcher

Thatcher showed that there are no biological limitations to women's leadership