Highlights: April 14–20

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: dealing with your inner "imposter," contextualizing the rise in ADHD diagnoses, and the quest to ID criminal brains.

Culture War Games

By Christopher J Ferguson Ph.D.
How video game science has become self-injurious.

What, Me Worry? Why Worrying Does More Harm Than Good

By Jim Taylor Ph.D.
Worrying just makes you miserable.

The ADHD Increase in Context

By Matthew Smith Ph.D.
New York Times report on Center for Disease Control's ADHD statistics

Liberals and Conservatives Are Both Wrong About Teen Sex

By Michael Castleman M.A.
We should teach parents to share their sexual values with their kids at home.

Golf Under Pressure

By Scott G. Eberle Ph.D.
Thoughts on the psychology of swearing.

Can We Predict Crime Using Brain Scans?

By Joshua Gowin Ph.D.
Brain activation during impulse control may forecast criminal behavior.

The Crucial Nature of Media Literacy

By George Drinka M.D.
The average American child is exposed to media for eight or more hours per day.

Managing Your Impostor Syndrome

By Nancy Ancowitz
What to do if you feel like a fake