Highlights: April 1–7

Highlights: April 1–7

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: Can a dictator be sane? Do 'holistic' therapies help addiction recovery? Are wealthy people worse at enjoying life?

Conservatism and Product Purchase

The factors that affect political views also influence product purchase.

Holistic Rehab Therapies

Do they work for addiction?

We're Here, We're Queer, and We’re Willing to Work for Less

The wage penalty paid by gay men is the result of selection into tolerant firms.

The Mystery of Narcolepsy

Dreams can come at inopportune times, sometimes with dire consequences.

Does Wealth Make Life Less Savory?

Research examines the ability to enhance and prolong positive experiences.

The North Korean Dictator Is Behaving Rationally

Kim Jong-Un is sane, but absolute power can alter the brains' risk calculation.

What’s Your Sexual Life Expectancy?

How to live a long, healthy, and sexually fulfilled life

In Defense of Parents

Are modern parents too indulgent? Or are we too stressed?