April Fools'

Go ahead, laugh—it bolsters immunity, relieves stress, alleviates pain, boosts mood, and it even plays an important role in our closest relationships.

The Benefits of Laughter

By Hara Estroff Marano

Can—and Should—Humor Be Explained Once and for All?

By Peter McGraw Ph.D.
Taking a crack at the humor code.

Does Humor Make A Complaint More Effective?

By Guy Winch Ph.D.
The risks and rewards of using humor to voice dissatisfactions

Lubricate with Laughter

By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.
There's integrity in humor because true laughter can't be forced

Depression: No Laughing Matter--Or Is It?

By Victoria Maxwell
Can Humor Cure Depression?

Closing Gender Gaps

By Jesse Marczyk Ph.D.
This Isn't Just Any Old Modest Proposal...

Laughing At The Scary Stuff: Humor and Fear

By Gina Barreca Ph.D.
We need a strong and healthy dose of focused humor in our lives every day.

My Most Popular (and Most Unpopular!) Cartoons in PT

By Donna Barstow
The best and the worst cartoons of the year!

Laughter—Certain Types—Can Be the Best Medicine

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Cheer yourself up to break free of stress.

Placebo Cerebrals: Wasting One's Life On Fake Facts

By Jeremy E Sherman Ph.D.
How they put the sham in shaman and how to take it out.

Are Women More Attracted to Men Who Court Them with Humor?

By Gil Greengross Ph.D.
How can humor help women attract mates?