The Virtues of Pessimism

The Virtues of Pessimism

Is pessimism the secret to a longer, happier life?

Following Doctor’s Orders: Risk vs. Reward, Like Everything

There are no risk-free interventions in medicine. Rewards needs to trump risks.

Can Hope Be Bad?

Ensure that your hopes are not counter-productive.

When Pessimism Pays Off

Are pessimists actually happier than optimists?

Visualize the Good and the Bad

Use your pessimism to imagine Plan B.

The Psychology of Regret

Should we live our lives with no regrets as the song tells us to?

Why We Can't Just Get Rid of Anxiety & Distress

Negative emotions are hard-wired into our brains to be managed, not eliminated

The Negative Path to Happiness

Why to be a "defensive pessimist"

The Costs and Benefits of “Living for Now”

Present-oriented people experience positive emotions, but save less money.

5 "Don'ts" of Practicing Gratitude

There are times when an attitude of gratitude may backfire.

You Said You Would Change!

Relationship beliefs can lead to unrealistic expectations of romantic partners

Are You a Healthy Neurotic?

It's possible to be healthy and neurotic, as long as you know how.

Rights or Rhetoric?

Breast reconstruction and the yet-to-be-tapped market of breast cancer survivors

Can People Tell When You're Depressed?

Yes, but only if you wear this.

How We Convince Ourselves To Buy Products We Don't Need

Are You Unconsciously Seeking Permission To Spend More Money On Brand New Stuff?

How to Disagree Without Being Seen as Bitchy

5 tips for avoiding negative judgments when you disagree