Kids and Screens

August 21, 2015 - 20 stories
For kids, how much is too much computer, phone, tablet time? Cover Image: Ollyy/Shutterstock

Let Children Run Free

August 20, 2015 - 13 stories
Unfettered parenting may be the key to a child's success. So let them run free and even a little wild. Cover Image: Shutterstock
Andrew Eccles

Only the Lonely

August 19, 2015 - 22 stories
Loneliness comes in many shades. You can feel lonely even if you have tons of friends, and also if you're married. It can even be a real contagion. Image: Andrew Eccles

Road Trip!

August 18, 2015 - 18 stories
Break away from your routine, and open your eyes to new adventures. Travel can change your life and foster new habits. Cover Image: Ollyy/Shutterstock
Nanette Grebe/Shutterstock

Let Your Body Do the Talking

August 17, 2015 - 22 stories
You may not even be aware of what your body language says, but it's saying a lot. Image: Nanette Grebe/Shutterstock
August 8 - 14

August 8 - 14

August 15, 2015 - 7 stories
Challenge your assumptions about your friends, your brain, your daily mental habits, and more with these top posts.
How to Deal With Difficult People

How to Deal With Difficult People

August 14, 2015 - 18 stories
We all try to avoid the ire and fire of a difficult person, but sometimes crossing paths with one is inevitable. Herein, the art of managing the unruly. Photo: zurjeta/Shutterstock

The Right Way to Fight

August 13, 2015 - 17 stories
Fighting in a relationship is normal and healthy. But is there a toolkit with rules to fight by? Cover Image: Shutterstock

The Science of Beauty

August 12, 2015 - 13 stories
Yes, we love and hate those gorgeous A-listers. Here’s the science behind a pretty face, including essays on facial features, fertile women, and body shape. Cover Image: Aleshyn_Andrei/Shutterstock
Gavin Bond

How to Talk to Yourself the Right Way

August 11, 2015 - 15 stories
The right self-talk can free us from our fears and make us as wise about ourselves--as we often are about others. Cover Image: Gavin Bond
The Happiness of Pursuit

The Happiness of Pursuit

August 10, 2015 - 17 stories
Pursuing happiness may be a fruitless endeavor. But putting the emphasis on the pursuit might make the difference. Photo: gpointstudio/Shutterstock
August 1 - 7

August 1 - 7

August 08, 2015 - 9 stories
Chill out with these crucial essays from the past week, including anger, romance, complaining, and more.
Joggie Botma/Shutterstock

The Magic of Team Chemistry

August 07, 2015 - 13 stories
Joining forces and working together make for high productivity and winning results. Herein, the ins and outs of teamwork. Cover Image: Joggie Botma/Shutterstock

Solitude, Table for One

August 06, 2015 - 16 stories
Reflection, meditation, introspection, thoughtful solitude. It’s a quiet that’s not to be confused with the angst of loneliness.

Why Do We Delay?

August 05, 2015 - 19 stories
Why do you procrastinate? This self-sabotage is a great way to hurt your path to success. Stop hurting your performance. It's time to push on. Cover Image: Bacho/Shutterstock
Mid-Life: What Crisis?

Mid-Life: What Crisis?

August 04, 2015 - 13 stories
Aging is real and it happens, but there need not be a crisis. Skip the proverbial red sports car and enter those golden years. Photo: iofoto/Shutterstock
The Narcissist in Your Life

The Narcissist in Your Life

August 03, 2015 - 18 stories
Do you feel as though there are self-absorbed narcissists everywhere you look—right next door, in the office, in your bed, even? How to understand and spot those mirror-loving braggarts. Cover Image: Stefano Cavoretto/Shutterstock
July 25 - 31

July 25 - 31

August 01, 2015 - 6 stories
It's the dog days of summer, so take these reads to the shore. See the best essays on climate change, adolescence, relationships, and more.

Top Posts: July 2015

July 31, 2015 - 25 stories
Twenty-five posts that stuck with us this month. Cover Image: Maridav/Shutterstock

Spark Your Inspiration

July 30, 2015 - 19 stories
Do you love feeling creatively inspired or spiritually transcendent? There may be a way to manufacture an epiphany, or at least improve the odds of having one. Cover Image: Pavel Ilyukhin/Shutterstock