Overcoming Fear

Overcoming Fear

You may be wired to worry, but courage can be learned.Image of girl with blanket via Shutterstock.

Fear vs. Anxiety

What's the real distinction between fear and anxiety?

Notice You're Alright Right Now

Take a close look at this moment, right now. You are probably alright.

Mother Nature's Fear Buster

Meditation can free you from fears. It's free and has no side effects.

Fighting the Fear of Flying

A phobia arises when a person has a bad experience

The Year of Fear, in Review

Scary as it was, somehow we survived!

The Secret of Performance Under Pressure

Overcoming performance anxiety

What I Learn from Fear and Death

How you can embrace love in the face of fear.

Reasons Girls Are Encouraged to Fail--And How to Change This

The secret? The "misery of failure" is a story circulated to keep you out of it

Tomorrow's Pain

Pessimists can learn how to cope, too.

How Children Learn Bravery in an Age of Overprotection

It's dangerous to try to protect children from all dangers.

Lesbians In Trouble

Rape victims suffer quietly as they fear reporting.

Stranger Danger

Safety concerns, strategies, and choices in a faceless world.

The Most Powerful Motivator

How fear is etched into our brains.

Overcome Anxiety, not Fear

Protect from within.

Turn Down Your Brain’s Worry Center

Control worrying by controlling your brain's worry patterns

What Genes Tells Us About Worrying

Another genetic explanation tells us less than meets the eye

Worry, Anxiety, and Worse

Substitute confident composure for worry

Panic Attacks Are Puzzles

When intense fear with no apparent cause suddenly overwhelms you, try this.

From Quiet to Queen: Kayla's Story

This is a story of a brave little girl who overcame her fear of speaking.

6 Success Tips for People Who Are Anxious or Sensitive

How to succeed with your goals if you're prone to anxiety or sensitivity

The Only Thing She Has to Fear

A woman whose brain damage made her fearless has a weakness after all...

Ten Skills to Manage Fear and Anxiety in an Unsafe World

Psychology skills to help you calm down and move back to the positive.

Where Fear Lives

Understanding the relationships between your brain, your emotions, and your behaviors.

A Tickling Way to Reduce Fear

New study shows tickling reduces fear

Would You Fight the Gestapo?

It takes a kind of bravery to imagine yourself in (and out of) a tight fix.

How to Cope with Personal and Global Uncertainty

Learning not to live in fear in the midst of life's uncertainty

Explaining the Unexplainable

Coming clean to my daughter about death.

Worrying in Relationships: 3 Habits That Invite Anxiety

Anxiety diminishes personal power, undermining ability to sustain love.

Mother's Anxiety

How motherhood breeds anxiety

Is Great Courage (Im)possible?

Thoughts on John Donne's People