Oops, I Am So Embarrassed!

Feeling self-conscious about your latest faux pas?

My Runaway Underpants

By Harriet Lerner Ph.D.
Over coffee with friends, the conversation turned to embarrassing moments.

Is Embarrassment Really Secret Joy?

By Susan Heitler Ph.D.
Maybe pink cheeks come not from shame but from a flush of pleasure.

KA-BOOM! The Explosive Pain of Shame

By Robert Evans Wilson Jr.
Shame is so powerful it can make you feel worthless.

They’re Just Not That Into You! And Other Facts to Help You Beat Social Anxiety

By Clifford N Lazarus Ph.D.
Beat your social anxiety with these simple tips.

Orange Coats

By Glenn Alperin
Alas, people are not made of cookie cutter molds.

Mental Illness and Hypersexuality

By Victoria Maxwell
Is bipolar disorder always a prelude for sex or just a bad mix for a first date?

Why You Should Make Mistakes on Purpose

By Barbara Markway Ph.D.
We can confront our fears by making mistakes intentionally.

Is Everyone Watching You? Is Anyone Watching You?

By Donna Barstow
A cartoon about underwear.

How Much Can Jonah Lehrer Be Reformed?

By Matthew Hutson
Can integrity be learned?

Embarrassing Memories: Sharing and Not Sharing the Self

By Ira Hyman Ph.D.
The Unshared Self: Embarrassing memories are unshared, but not forgotten.

On the Benefits of Failure

By Nigel Barber Ph.D.
Failure is nothing to be ashamed of!