Highlights: February 17-23

Highlights: February 17-23

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: male bonds forged under stress, life lessons from crossword puzzles, and the quest to map the human brain.

Food, Fuel, and Teen Girls

How to help girls become motivated to make smarter and healthier food choices

Stress Leads to Male Bonding

New evidence that men are more likely to cooperate in difficult circumstances

Are We About to Map the Entire Human Brain?

Obama to announce an initiative on the scale of the Human Genome Project.

The Simplest Way to Fix Banking: End Bonuses

Bonuses incentivize bankers to do all the wrong things

Moderate Drinking Treatment

Forget what you've been told about problem drinkers and addicts.

My Electric Toothbrush's Nervous Breakdown...

...and other anxieties of domestic technology

How Is Doing a Crossword Puzzle Like Changing a Habit?

Want to change a habit? Here are 7 ways crossword puzzles can help.

Teaching Your Adolescent About Anger

In the curriculum of family life, parents should include the topic of anger

What Guilt Teaches Us About Procrastination

Here's a lesson with some "utility"