And the Oscar Goes To...

And the Oscar Goes To...

Celebrating movies—the big-screen guides to human behavior.

Django Unchained: A Cathartic Experience

How a film serves a therapeutic function even as it entertains

Movies as Equipment for Living

The psychology of movies, movie-makers and movie viewers.

What's "Crazy" in Hollywood?

Two new films are wrongly advertised as being about the mentally ill.

Oscars Psyche

50 million people watch the Oscars! Why?

The Positive Psychology of the Movies

The Oscar goes to positive psychology teachers

Bite Me? That’s What TV and Movie Romances Do

Matrimaniacs get their come-uppance

Why We Love to Complain about Best Picture Oscar Nominees

Why we love to hate Best Picture Oscar nominees

In Sitcoms, Singles Are Not Alone; in Movies, Marriage…

Sitcoms more honest than movies about marriage, singlehood

Great Oscar-Nominated Films with People with Disabilities

10 films that realistically depict what life is like for the disabled.

A Sex Therapist at the Academy Awards

How can we explain the relative silence surrounding the film The Sessions?

Envy and the Glamorous Life: The Academy Awards are Here!

Be mindful of social comparison theory while watching the Oscars.

A Psychoanalytic Look At AMOUR: An Insufferable Sadness

Putting words to it, by Sandra Fenster, Ph.D.