Top 25 List: January 2013

Top 25 List: January 2013

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8. Narcissism and What's Behind It

Lance Armstrong's interview with Oprah

1. I Love You But Don't Call Me, OK?

Talking points for "mixed" couples.

3. The Anatomy of Dating

The natural pace of a dating relationship

4. Baby Sleep Training Mistakes

Advice to ignore the needs of babies

12. What Is Happiness?

Money can't buy happiness, unless you spend it the right way.

5. Why Women Are More Sexual in Some Societies

Competition between women raises the sexual temperature.

2. Why People Don't Acknowledge You

How important is it that you get recognition from others?

6. The Narcissist

Is there one in your life?

9. 50 Common Distortions

A giant list of ubiquitous cognitive distortions

10. One Marriage = Two Realities

What’s embedded in the curiously paradoxical math of marriage?

11. Change Your Sex Habits For Your Partner?

How sexual compromise can enhance relationship satisfaction

7. An Inside Look at Sexual Fantasies

What do your fantasies say about you and your relationships?

13. The Personalities of Porn Stars

What recent research might suggest about porn stars’ personality traits

21. Fine! Whatever! 7 Passive-Aggressive Phrases

Are you interacting with a passive aggressive person?

14. It Probably Won’t Make You Happy

Happiness interview: Carlin Flora

16. The Love in Chicken Broth

Finding love in unexpected places

17. Are You Being Manipulated by a Social Puppeteer?

The three personality types that are pulling your strings

25. Penis Size: Fantasy and Reality

The question of why men care about penis size is often avoided.

18. You Are What You Say

What your pronouns and prepositions say about you

15. My Dog Always Eats First

Dogs often are the oxygen and reason for living for homeless people.

19. Why Clearance Sales are Irresistable

Sale shoppers ultimately spend more than non-sale shoppers.

22. The Break-Up Cure

Seven tips to finding happiness after separation

23. Your Physical Illness May Now Be a 'Mental Disorder '

The diagnostic manual adds 'Somatic Symptom Disorder.'

24. Why the Secular Movement Is Here to Stay

The emergence of nonbelievers is no passing fad.

20. Where There's An "I Will" There's a Way

Subtleties in the way we speak to ourselves change motivation and happiness.