Teen Girls 2.0

Teen Girls 2.0

Raising adolescent daughters in the 21st century. Image of with tablet via Shutterstock.

Fun Game for Growing Girls Strong

A game that helps girls set goals and take healthy risks.

Disciplining Teens For Online Mistakes

What happens when things go wrong online?

Healthy Body Image

What girls need from their moms. (Image via Shutterstock)

The Marks of Maturity

Many students today appear mature but are actually missing these components.

My Daughter’s Grief and a Box of Sticks

Are you ready for your children's grief?

What's the Matter With Girls These Days?

The brightest girls are in the most trouble of all.

Worst Mistakes Parents Make When Talking to Kids

Words can change your kid's brain. Learn to use the right ones.

Is A Restraining Order Necessary?

Are parents too involved with their kids' lives?

More Teen Sex at Home and Fewer Pregnancies: Here’s Where It Happens

Not all countries share American understandings of teen sexuality

Resist the Temptation to Look Like Your Kids

Is envy of the young driving you to try to look like one of them?

Same Sex Marriage - Yay! Teen Sex and Wine - Nay!

Americans now accept same-sex marriage, but not teen sex and wine-drinking

Prepping Kids So They're Ready To Thrive as Adults

How can families prepare students for doing well when they finish college?

Teens, Screens, and Metabolic Syndrome

An alarming new trend in teens links screen-time to serious health issues.

Coping with Self-Harm

How to fight thoughts of self-harm.

Flipping Parenting: My Family's Media & Technology Agreement

Children have a lot of good ideas about how their parents should manage media.

Self by Consensus

Identity & angst in the post-post modern age

Does religion control teen sex in America?

Don't expect religion to protect your daughter from pregnancy.

5 Ways to Quickly Improve Your Emotional Intelligence

8 Signs Your Partner May Be a Sexual Narcissist

De-stressing Teen Girl Angst

Helping girls find positive ways to relax, reflect and regroup.