Highlights: January 6-12

Highlights: January 6-12

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including the mating market, whether football is child's play, failed resolutions, and more.

The Lure of the Incomplete Task

How creative endeavors pull us in

Our Minds Wander At Least 30% Of the Time

Mind wandering is more common than we think, and it isn't always a bad thing.

Are You Being Manipulated by a Social Puppeteer?

The three personality types that are pulling your strings.

Myths About Our Right and Left Brains

Myths about right vs. left sides of the brain continue and can get in our way

Why Money Only Sometimes Buys Love

Wealth’s worth fluctuates on the mating market.

Troubled Souls: Spirituality as a Mental Health Hazard

Spiritual but not religious people have poorer mental health.

Hero Worship: Football’s Double-edged Sword

On and off the field, murder, suicide, rape, concussion: Should your child play?