Highlights: January 13-19

Highlights: January 13-19

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including an appreciation of anger, ridding unwanted thoughts, and the halo effect.

Self by Consensus

Identity and angst in the post-postmodern age

Five Characteristics of Happy People

Money can't buy happiness, unless you spend it the right way.

Raising Good Decision-Makers

Children making bad decisions in the digital world can ruin their lives.

Personality and Pain Relief

The effectiveness of placebo treatment for pain is related to personality traits

Lance Armstrong and the Halo Effect

Why we so easily accord role-model status to survivors

Why 'Oscar Bait' Waits Until Autumn

Why do all of the Golden Globe nominees come out at the end of the year.

In Praise of Anger Mis-Management

Read the most controversial anger story never told.

Throw Those Nasty Thoughts Away

Physically discarding thoughts we have jotted down quiets mental chatter