Highlights: December 30-January 5

Highlights: December 30-January 5

Here's a shortlist of the best from the week, including what we believe about obesity, social media and Gandhi, why America is good at games, and more.

The Dark Side of New Year’s Resolutions

Can striving for self-improvement harm you?

Adolescents and the Psychology of Similarity

When parent and adolescent are very unlike, acceptance can be harder to give

A Sober Assessment of High-Risk Drinking

The truth about high-risk drinking on U.S. campuses.

10 Reasons Why Some People Love What They Do

Some people get up each day looking forward to their work. What's their secret?

Would Gandhi Use Social Media?

If he'd had access to web technologies, Gandhi would've leveraged them mindfully

The Consequences of Our Games

The gamification of America and you

Beliefs About the Causes of Obesity

And predicting actual body mass.

The Two Faces of the New Year

Celebration of the past and resolutions for the future