Got Faith?

Got Faith?

Navigating the line between reason and belief.

The Search for Proof:

The psychology of Jesus in the bacon.

Faith and Reason Don't Need to Conflict

The more you know the more you don't know.

Prejudice Against Atheists

People think atheists are untrustworthy.

Magical Thinking

Even hard-core skeptics can't help but find sympathy in the fabric of the universe.

Addiction Wars: Meaning and Purpose v. Disease

If purpose and meaning are the cures for addiction, is it a disease?

Cotton Candy for the Masses

Another #1 bestseller about the afterlife reveals our psychological sweet tooth

America, Land of the Irrational

Superstition -- and superstitious science -- are rife in Ameica

The Fighter's Fault Fallacy

The dumb but convenient rule that all fighters are equally at fault

Bad News for Atheists

Sally Quinn's spiritual journey to nowhere

Choosing to Believe?

Thoughts on choice, faith, and reason.

Chicken Little Vs. The Ostrich Burying His Head In The Sand

Two birds; one stone cold stupid theory about calm's correlation to competence

The curse of the herd

What does it mean to grow up in a society that permits no strays?

Can religion really keep us safe?

The relationship between religiosity and violence

"When God Wept": An Intriguing Fictional Hybrid

Can a disillusioned, almost bitter skeptic learn to affirm life as it is?

Humility and Faith

In order to take a breath, we have to release our breath.

Opening the Mind: Where Skepticism and Superstition Meet

Openness to experience is associated with both rationality and mystical beliefs.

The Secret for People Who Don’t Believe in VooDoo

If you find wishing on a star difficult to swallow...


How do sufferers perceive healing prayer?

What Is Karma and Why Should it Matter to Us?

Karma refers to planting behavioral seeds that turn into lifelong habits.

Which Religions Are Welcoming to Singles? Part III: Christian Ministries

Religious scholar discusses the place of singles in Christian ministries

The Psychology of Spirituality

Religion traditionally provides a structure for spiritual experiences.

Eight Keys to Life Hardiness and Resiliency

Helpful Reminders During Challenging Times

Surprised by the Light: Lessons from a Junkyard

Gems of spiritual life turn up in the most unexpected places.

Live Longer by Practicing Forgiveness

Forgiveness can help you feel better, and even lengthen your life

The Many Voices of the Happily Godless

Rationalism makes sense, says a chorus of quirky atheists.

The Real Reason Atheists Have Higher IQs

Is atheism a sign of intelligence?