Funny People

Funny People

Why our brains like to be tricked, teased, and tormented by humor.Images of laughing women, girl with pigtails, and chuckling man from Shutterstock.

The Science of Laughter

Hoots and hollers are innate—and important—social tools.


Well-known comics explore the droll and the weighty.

Humor's Sexual Side

Why a woman with a male sense of humor is a turnoff.

The Importance of Humor Research

A serious non-serious research topic.

How to Cultivate Humor

How humor can relieve depression.

When Do Tragedies Become Funny?

Why do some people find tragic events funny and when?

Are Women More Attracted to Men Who Court Them With Humor?

How can humor help women attract mates?

Personality: Funny in the Head

What makes a comedian tick?

On The Job: No Laughing Matter

Cartoonist Bob Mankoff takes jokes seriously.

The Tears of a Clown

Probing the comedian's psyche

George Carlin's Last Interview

A legendary comedian speaks.

Can Humor and Laughter Boost Your Health?

Can Humor and Laughter Boost Your Health?