Friendship Fixes

Friendship Fixes

How to navigate tricky bonds. Image of four women via Shutterstock.

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Male-female friendship can be tricky, but worth it.

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Coming to Terms with an Imperfect Friendship

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Friendship: The Laws of Attraction

How we really choose our friends.

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Ten easy suggestions for how to help when someone you know is depressed.

9 Steps to Forgiveness

Follow these steps to forgiveness to reduce negative feelings

Craving Connection

We desire relationships because they make us feel important

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These male-female friends see one another as family

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How to preserve mom friendships when you parent differently.

What Makes Conflict? How Are Conflicts Resolved?

Disagreements happen, at work and at home. How best to resolve them?

Of Oscars, Orangutans & Oxytocin, Friendship Tales

From humans to fruit bats, you gotta have girlfriends

How to Keep Your Cool with Competitive People

People skills to help you stand your ground

Cancer Envy

Can getting sick become a competitive sport?

How Keeping a Zen Mind Can Save a Relationship

Rushing to judgment about another may only hurt yourself.

Sometimes There's No Friend like an Old Friend

Long-time friends are the comfort food of relationships.

Defining Loyalty in Friendships

How should you treat your friend's ex-es and enemies?

Enmeshment in Family Relationships: 1+1=1

Can't tell where you end and someone else begins? You're enmeshed.