The Science of Gift-Giving

The Science of Gift-Giving

Gift-giving can be a nuanced exchange. Here are some ins and outs.

This is Your Brain on Holiday Shopping

When you're shopping, you're the subject of a multi-pronged sensory campaign.

When Holiday Gift Giving and Receiving Gets Scary

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Being compassionate today leads to happiness for months.

How to Resolve Christmas Shopping Complaints

Do a little homework before you do a lot of shopping.

Mindful Gift Giving for Families

How holiday gift giving shapes children's lives.

Great Gifts Don't Have to Break the Bank

It's definitely the thought that counts when presents are exchanged

Are Christmas Bonuses a Good Idea?

Are Christmas bonuses a thing of the past? Should employers award bonuses?

The Best Kept Secret to Happiness

How compassion is the best kept secret to being happy, healthy, wealthy and wise

How To Turn Consumer Wrongs into Rights

Got a complaint? Follow these 5 steps to get consumer satisfaction

25 Quotes on Giving

Learn from these greats what it means to give.

Appendage-itis: When You Love Too Much

Too much people-pleasing and giving can backfire to wreck relationships.

Holiday Gift Cards: The Art and Problem of Gifting

A look at gift cards and how America's big solution has become its own problem.

Best Christmas Gifts for those Grieving

What do you give to someone in grief during the holidays?

How Much Does Happiness Cost? Not Much When You Spend It on Others

If you want to be happy, spend $5 on a friend, not $20 on yourself.

Christmas Gifts That Unwrap the Giftedness of ADHD

Tips for buying gifts that help transform attention deficits into assets

How to Simplify Gift-Giving

Be brave: abandon compulsory winter gift-wasting!

Sometimes the Thought That Counts Comes Too Late

Or, how not to buy your girlfriend a trashcan for her birthday

Purchasing Experiences Can Produce Emotional Benefits.

People who purchase experiences feel more awe and inspiration.

The Greatest Gift You Can Give: Yourself

Here's why to give the most precious and beautiful gift that you have.

Can't Think of a Good Holiday Gift? Give a Bad One

The proliferation of gift cards says something about us as a culture.

2 Upgrades For Your Gift-Giving Strategies

Choosing gifts can be challenging. These tips can help your decision-making.