Highlights: Nov. 25 - Dec. 1

Here's what we loved reading this week, including: workspace design, personality traits, and taxes in the civilized society.

Are You Parenting Like Your Parent?

By Lisa Firestone Ph.D.
For better or worse, many of our parents' traits live on in us.

The Promise of Gene Therapy and the Roots of Synesthesia

By Maureen Seaberg
An interview with geneticist and synesthete Dr. Ricki Lewis

A New Pharaoh and the Fiscal Cliff

By Ian H. Robertson Ph.D.
Democratic disagreement temper drug-like effects of power on leaders' brains.

Improving Eyewitness Identification

By Art Markman Ph.D.
Understanding memory can help the police do lineups better.

Judge Holmes Was Right About Taxes

By Louis Putterman Ph.D.
Taxes are the price we pay for a civilized society.

Do Collaborative Workspaces Work?

By Colin Ellard Ph.D.
Workspace design exerts a powerful effect on behavior — for better or worse.

Personality's Big One

By Scott A. McGreal MSc.
Reality or artifact?

You Can Move External Objects With Your Mind!

By Berit Brogaard D.M.Sci., Ph.D
It's called synthetic telepathy

Using Only 10 Percent of Your Brain? Think Again!

By Richard E. Cytowic M.D.
The fallacy behind the myth that we use only a fraction of our brains

Do Women Want To Be Objectified?

By Juliana Breines Ph.D.
Sometimes objectification feels good. But that doesn't mean it's good for you.