The Aphrodisiac of Power

The Aphrodisiac of Power

Why do powerful men cheat with abandon?

Deconstructing (Electronic) Infidelity

What l’affaire Petraeus tells us about sex, intimacy and "cheating."

How Power Corrupts Leaders

Why and how does power corrupt leaders?

Do Sexy Breast Cancer Campaigns Demean Women?

Awareness campaigns use multiple techniques to sexually objectify women.

How Could Petraeus Betray Us? Infidelity Unmasked

Decoding the Latest Scandal and What It Teaches You about Spouses who Cheat

APA Refuses to Listen to Voices of People Hurt

Complainants Present 9 Demands to APA about Harm from Psychiatric Diagnosis

Leadership vs. Power

Are you driven by goals or by power over others?

The 7 Habits of Highly Un-Successful Cheaters?

Fatal mistakes to avoid when selecting a mistress

Americans’ Cheating Hearts: Results from Decades of Research

Decades of research reveal surprising truths about infidelity.

Big-Time Liars: Top 7 Lies They Tell Themselves

The road to deception is paved with self-deception

Can We Expect Powerful Men Not to Have Affairs?

A powerful man behaves like any alpha male primate

Fifty Shades of Camouflage: Broadwell and Kelley

Cautionary tale or just a slice of the zeitgeist pie?

Serial Killer Groupies Who Kill

Fans who go from admirer to assassin

What Motivates Sexual Promiscuity?

The psychodynamic meaning of nymphomania

Success Can Breed the Narcissism I Call "Tall Man

Too much charisma from status, wealth, or good looks can invite narcissism.

Did Petraeus Betray Us?

If innate, victimless behavior never changes, shouldn't our expectations?

Beware the Narcissistic Bubble

Don't let your narcissism get out of control

APA Does Not Care about Weaponized Diagnosis

APA Summarily Dismisses Complaints about Harm from Psychiatric Diagnosis

Affairs in the Digital Age

Petraeus, Allen, and the Millennial Playbook

Why Men Behave Badly: Causality vs. Morality

Infidelity: "what is" and "what should be."

Do Politicians Have Better Sex than You Do?

Get involved in politics, get lucky. At least in fantasy.

Not All Military Adultery Results in Scandal

Can military adultery support unit cohesion?

Why Petraeus is Not a Sex Addict

Invariably, when sex scandals occur, someone blames addiction.

Are You a Holly or a Paula? Women Square Off

Two icons divide women: are you more a kind matron or the warrior princess?

Bragging—When is it OK and When is it Not OK?

Use your bragging rights with caution