Longing for Nostalgia

You don't have to live in the past to gain from a little nostalgia.

A Sweet Past

By Hal E. Hershfield Ph.D.
Can nostalgic reverie be a good thing?: In search of a sense of continuity.

Nostalgia is Good Medicine

By Clay Routledge Ph.D.
Sad or lonely? Try a dose of nostalgia.

Nostalgia: On the Wistful Presence of Absence

By Leon F Seltzer Ph.D.
What's the downside of reminiscence?

Every Stage Is The Toughest Stage

By Robin Marantz Henig
We tend to think the most significant crossroads is the one we happen to be in

5 Immunity Boosters to Beat Cold and Flu Season

By Carolyn C. Ross M.D., M.P.H.
Stay Healthy This Winter

I Miss You Like Hell

By Aaron Ben-Zeév Ph.D.
Why do we love unfinished business?

Do You Ever Long for What Never Existed?

By Susan K Perry Ph.D.
What's the word for that tingle of nostalgia for the unreal?

Do you Make Him Do Things Just to Please YOU?

By Donna Barstow
Christmas is a time for giving, not for treating someone as your slave.

Screen-free Holiday Challenge

By Victoria L. Dunckley M.D.
Embrace the New Year unplugged, relaxed, and rested.

When and Why Did People Stop Whistling?

By Gina Barreca Ph.D.
Have we, as a nation, lost our whistle?

7 Ways to Get Back to Feeling Positive

By Joseph Cardillo Ph.D.
Returning to optimism.

The Future of Nostalgia

By Bruce Poulsen Ph.D.
How the cultural ornaments of childhood continue to appeal to us in our devices.

What's So Nice about Nostalgia?

By Susan Krauss Whitbourne Ph.D.
Why we love going retro

Person or Place?

By Nancy Kalish Ph.D.
Longings For A Lost Love ... Longings For A Hometown

Why Friendship is the Key Relationship of the 21st Century

By Bella DePaulo Ph.D.
Equality, choice, and fluidity describe friendship and modern life

How to Keep the YOU in Yuletide

By Deborah Serani Psy.D.
How to keep the "you" in yuletide

"Bah humbug" Prevention

By Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A.
It's the most terrible time of the year

Bittersweet Holidays

By Krystine I. Batcho Ph.D.
Holidays can bring a mix of conflicting emotions.

How Your Karma Can Undermine Midlife Growth And Renewal

By Douglas LaBier Ph.D.
The consequences of your past actions have a long shelf-life

Smelling Nature from plant-derived smoke

By Gayil Nalls Ph.D.
Smelling Nature from plant-derived smoke

Break up Rituals for Romantics

By Slash Coleman M.A.Ed.
What Kind of Relationship Closure Rituals Do You Indulge In?