How Psychology Impacts the Vote

How Psychology Impacts the Vote

Voting is more complex than we know, and emotions have a lot to do with it.

How to Pick a President

Psychological attributes for a US President

My State: The State Romney Will Not Name

The verdict from Massachusetts

Is the Election Really Just a Beauty Contest?

Do we choose our presidents using irrelevant information?

The Racial Presidential Race

Tuesday’s Election may change Americans' brains.

The Candidates and the Wish to Kill

How people handle their aggression has a powerful influence on politics.

Sex (Hormones) and the Elections

Elections are competitions that can affect our biology.

Politics and Race from a Prosopagnosia Perspective

It's nice when I don't have to work so hard to figure out who the president is.

Ads Everywhere: The Race To Grab Your Brain

Finding reprieve from the constant demand for your attention.

Which Emotions Have the Most Impact on Voters?

Voters are driven by emotions, and negative emotions may have the most impact!

It’s Weird, Candidate Height Matters in Elections

Why does candidate height matter? Not for the reasons many people think.

Overly-Emotional Political Rhetoric

How would you handle an email like this?

Are Teens Confused About Politics?

Why political discussions with youth matter to democracy

Singlism as a Political Dog-Whistle?

Politically expedient singlism

Partisan "Science"

Liberal researchers produce biased "data" on conservatives

Can an Introvert Really be President?

How voters really judge their leaders

The Top Strengths of Obama & Romney

Survey takers say both men fall short of the traits of an "ideal President."