Highlights: November 11-17

Highlights: November 11-17

Here's what we've loved reading this week, including: the allure of nostalgia, a technology takeover, and the evolution of post-traumatic stress.

Is Your Smartphone Stealing Your Life?

Nancy Colier LCSW, Rev.
Recording experience instead of living it.

School Is Prison, So Why Not Use Tracking Devices?

Peter Gray
Few students and parents are upset by the use of tracking devices on students.

Renaming a Disorder Might Help Veterans Seek Aid

Mark Goulston M.D., F.A.P.A.
Veterans Day - PTSD, PTS... A Rose By Any Name...

Broadwell + Petraeus

Gina Barreca Ph.D.
Younger woman + older man.

The Scandinavian Social Experiment

Peter B. Gray Ph.D.
How rules and reality play out in fathers’ lives

Are Chimpanzees Self-Aware?

Stephen Fleming Ph.D.
Can we tell if animals are conscious?

A Sweet Past

Hal E. Hershfield Ph.D.
Can nostalgic reverie be a good thing?: In search of a sense of continuity.

Insomnia? Or Evolution?

Matthew J Wolf-Meyer Ph.D.
Some sleep routines may not be common. That doesn't mean they're a problem.