Black Friday Survival Guide

Aggressive shopping to an excess?

Why Holiday "Self-Gifting" is on the Rise

By Kit Yarrow Ph.D.
Shoppers increasingly say it's not always better to give than receive.

What Do Singles Spend Their Money On?

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Guilt-Free Holiday Shopping

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The Neuroscience of Holiday Shopping

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Ten Ways Your Local Grocery Store Hijacks Your Brain

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How To Turn Consumer Wrongs into Rights

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How Shopping Brings Us Together

By Jacinta Francis Ph.D.
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Great Gifts Don't Have to Break the Bank

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Discounting the Discount: How to Avoid Retail Traps

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Freedom from Holiday Stress

By Bill Knaus Ed.D.
Learn how to stop feeling stressed out

The Absurdity of Black Friday

By Thomas G. Plante Ph.D., ABPP
Consider just saying no to Black Friday.

All Shoe Sales are Beautiful

By Donna Barstow
Buying new shoes isn't a need, it's a quest.

Flex Your Financial Fortitude This Holiday Season

By James A. Roberts Ph.D.
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How to Find The Perfect Christmas Present

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