Stars: They're Sort of Like Us

Stars: They're Sort of Like Us

We put those with fame and fortune on a pedestal—yet we're quick to knock them off.

Scintillating Scandals

A crash course in heroic downfalls.

I Wanna Be a Celebrity

What's really behind the wish to be famous?

Why We Are Obsessed with Celebrities

The existential and social appeal of celebrities.

Middleton Mania

What are the psychological reasons we buy something that Kate wears?

Unemployment, Debt and Anxiety on the Rise – A Perfect Time to Thrive!

Unemployment, Debt, Anxiety on the Rise -- Here's How to THRIVE!

A Charlie Sheen Cartoon for Normal People

I would like to punish him for this..

Wrestling With Demons: The Spiritual Redemption of Mickey Rourke

Healing the painful past does not mean forgetting it.

Why the American Dream Eludes Americans

The hidden costs of great wealth

Celebrities Can Give Positive Health Behaviors a Shot in the Arm, Really!

For getting the shingles vaccination, fear is a strong motivator.

Laugh At Your Own Risk

Why Schadenfreude makes us miserable

My Frankenstorm Date with Sandy Warhol

A Furious Struggle Between A Romantic and a New York City Hurricane

Polanski, Evil and Creativity: Does Talent Trump Bad Behavior?

What is the connection between creativity and evil?

Sex Wars: How Do Women and Men REALLY Feel About Each Other? (Part Three)

Defensive narcissism and psychological readiness in relationships.

"Keep It Real": Five Coaching Tips from THE VOICE

Lessons in the psychology of managing people from reality TV

Will Fame Buy Me Love?

What is it in your past that motivates you today?

Lessons from the Tom Cruise Katie Holmes Divorce

When is divorce apppropriate to consider? Should she have stayed?

Real Housewives & Black Swan: Too Rich & Too Thin?

Do money and beauty lead to happiness?

The Waste of Michael Jackson

Michael Jackson wasted his talent, money, health and, utlimately, life.

Getting Brave With Albert Brooks

When making choices, sometimes it's best to choose the scariest thing

Beware the Narcissistic Bubble

Don't let your narcissism get out of control

Why Are Mean People So Good Looking?

People who are bad know how to make themselves look good.

The lure of celebrity endorsements

Fight the urge to look like the latest trendsetters

Why Do Lindsay Lohan and Mel Gibson Misbehave?

Why celebrities believe they are above the law.

Reality TV in the Spotlight

What is the real human cost of this entertainment genre?

Celebrities: Should We Shun Them, Ignore Them, or Adore Them?

Sparkly people with good ideas should not be dismissed

Here’s the Answer You Are Not Allowed to Give If You Are Single

Interviewers ask different questions of single people

The Great Baez-Dylan Love Affair

Joan Baez and Bob Dylan's love affair captures a generation