For Love or Money

For Love or Money

How financial matters affect relationships.

Friends with Money

What happens when one friend has more cash than the other?

Let's Make a Deal

Does a prenuptial agreement sow the seeds of divorce or teach conflict resolution?

Separate Accounts, Happier Relationship?

Can separate accounts save your relationship?

Can Money Buy Me Love?

Money can generate love but it cannot buy love.

Gains and Losses: Helping People Stop Stealing

The psychiatric disorder that can explain why some people steal

“I’m a Teacher”: A New Dimension for New Girl

A popular sitcom highlights a calling.

Love, Sex, Relationships & the Brain

Does neuroscience hold the key to a lifetime of passionate love?

The Potential Perils of Premarital Cohabitation and How to Avoid Them

Why are couples who cohabitate more likely to divorce?

This Man is Mine

Women, sexual jealousy and murder

The Dex Diaries, Part 7: How to Be a Bioethicist

Never name names. Screw ethical principles. And bury the money.

Most Voters are Irrational, Which is a Good Thing!

Your Vote May Not Affect the Election, But It May Affect Your Self Esteem

Oil and Vinegar: Why Opposites Don't Attract

Long-lasting couples must share similarities

Whoever has the most energy wins

"Seize once a month" won't get you as far as "seize the day."

Women, Binders, and Romney: Women's Humor Unbound!

Riotously funny reviews of binders on Amazon offer political humor by real folks

Money, Selfishness...and Love

When a fight over money is not about money - and what you can do about it.

How Your Dog Can Help Select Your Mate

A cartoon about deciding what men to date.

A Missing Ingredient in Sabbath’s Creative Stew

How imperfect musicians can produce perfect music.

Do More Things Bring Less Love?

Acquiring more and more things may also bring marriage problems.

Is Money the Secret to Happiness?

"Money, money, money" Is it really a rich man's world?

How to Give a Gift

The 10 most important rules of gift giving.

Work vs. Home: Are you living in two cultures?

The shocking way that your work 'persona' can affect you and your relationships

Does marriage have a future?

Does economics predict the future of marriage?

Is having babies recession-proof?

Being practical about having babies.

Money and Trust

Back to business in Bergamo.

Defusing Money Issues

A level-headed approach to money makes a happy couple.

The Barriers to Financial Happiness

Most people know they should manage their money; however, they don't. Why?

Money Talks

How to make those talks pay

Self direction or Self destruction?

When is the next best thing the same old thing?

Shake my hand!

Research shows that handshakes make for positive impressions