Launching the Child You Love

Launching the Child You Love

Many young adults are stuck. How can parents help support them—without going broke?

Raising Adult Kids

Parenting grown children remains challenging.

Are Today's 20-Somethings Slackers?

Is 'failure to launch' the new normal?

Demanding Adult Children

Getting unstuck from your overly dependent, adult child.

Millennials Poised to Take Over the Workplace

It's not all bad news for 20-somethings.

Adulthood? No Thanks, I'll Have a Beer

Casualties of a recession or something else?

Let’s Go Shopping!

Baby Einstein? No thanks, I’ll stick with my pink limo.

Bullying Works: Why People Cower Before Donald Trump

We can't stand up to bullies, so why should our kids?

The PermaParent Trap

Baby boomer parents and their boomerang kids.

Those Pitied, Mocked, Envied Years Between the Late Teens and Late Twenties: What Are They Really About?

The stereotype of emerging adults as wanton ne'er-do-wells is just wrong.

How will the recession affect this optimistic, institution-trusting GenY?

As one 20-something told us, "the future is a little more dimmer now."

It's all happening at the playground (apologies to Simon and Garfunkel)

Everything in life can be learned at the playground

Generation What?

A magazine article blames Baby Boom parents for the "whininess" of Millennials.

What Exactly Do Millennials Care About?

Millennial Media blog top 10 includes exotic beauty, facebook, hookups and more.

Helping College Grads Find Work In a Bad Economy

Bleak picture for college grads may not be all bad.

Midlife Parenting: Hold on Loosely and Take a Deep Breath

All is not lattes and leisure in the "empty nest"

5 Ways to Avoid Becoming a Helicopter Parent as You Send Your Child Off to College

Are constant texts and phone calls keeping your child from healthy separation?

Friendship: The Unsinkable Ship

The teacher is the key to friendship in the connected classroom.

Prepping Kids So They're Ready To Thrive as Adults

How can families prepare students for doing well when they finish college?

Twenty-Something Life: In Need of a Laugh Track?

Generation Me? Whiners, slackers, or slouchers? What's really up with them?

Teach Children to be Healthy and Happy

A prescription for child resilience

Mental Karate for Kids

A powerful program to help kids lead healthy, happy, lives

Two Questions About Emotional Boundaries

People are pressuring me in uncomfortable ways

Is College Necessary? Ask Recent Graduates

Are young college graduates changing the way we value college degrees?

The Long & Winding Road to Adulthood

Parents worrying about their twentysomething kids is nothing new.

Kids' willpower influenced by others' reliability

Others' reliability, not just a child's personality, affects their willpower.