Highlights from Oct 20 to Oct 26

Highlights from Oct 20 to Oct 26

Here's a roundup of the best from this week, including how to remember names, generation gaps, and psychedelic drugs.

The One Social Skill that Can Change Your Life

6 easy ways to remember names and faces


The moral animal strikes again.

Why Do We Save the Best for Last?

Why is the best last in so many aspects of our lives?

The Three Reasons for Polygamy

Why the Obamas and the Romneys had multiple wives

Why Do Grade Schoolers Want To Be Sexy?

Self-sexualization in young girls and what we can do about it

Older Adolescents and the Generation Gap

By the end of adolescence, generational differences become more apparent

The Reminiscence Bump

People looking back on life remember their twenties best

Psilocybin and Brain Function

A brain imaging study of psilocybin revealed unexpected findings.