Dieters! One Size Does Not Fit All

Dieters! One Size Does Not Fit All

So many diet plans, so little time. But one might actually work for you.

Seven Proven Tips for Weight Loss Success

Diet and weight loss strategies based on the latest scientific research

If One Diet Doesn’t Fit All…. What Fits You?

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Looking to my angels rather than my demons.

Doing the Two-Step with the Twelve Steps

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Put Some Mindfulness Into Your Eating

5 ways to eat less by thinking more

To Lose the Weight, You Gotta Change How You Relate (to Food)

Why behavioral skills are the key to long-term weight loss

Do You Take Your Mother to the Gym with You?

This workout is the perfect storm.

Latest Claim: Getting Married Makes You Fatter Because You Are Having So Much Fun

Even when marrying has a bad effect, it will be attributed to something good.

Sleep Helps You Lose Weight Successfully

Five links between enough good sleep and lasting weight loss.

Fat by Choice?

What if fatness isn’t a choice or consequence of choice?

Socially Engineer Weight Loss: Our Only Hope?

Social engineering is key but if that fails, try reasonable expectations.

A Friend Who Nags Me About My Weight

Discussions about weight may be more than that.

Whoever has the most energy wins

"Seize once a month" won't get you as far as "seize the day."

Seeking Light in the Refrigerator

The effect of decreasing daylight on weight

Sugar Addiction: Part Deux

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The Role of Role Models: Large Small or Any Size

What does weight or shape have to do with being a good role model?

Why Diets Don't Work ... and What Does

For lifelong weight loss, lose the diet.

Top Five Ways American Culture is Making You Fat

U.S. growing (and no, I don’t mean the economy)

For a healthy life: fewer calories & marijuana

Food and drugs are chemicals that influence brain function and how fast we age

The Dirty on Good Bacteria

How Probiotics Can Boost Your Physical and Mental Health

The Body Image Revolution

How one image started the conversation

Maternal obesity alters infant brain function

High-fat diets during pregnancy can induce lifelong cognitive impairments

50 Shades of Grey Matter

How to tame your lusty brain