Your Trash Is My Treasure

Your Trash Is My Treasure

Can't part with your stuff? You know you have a problem when you have difficulty chucking belongings regardless of their value. Here's a primer on hoarding.

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Less really is more when it comes to advertising.

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A look at 'successful psychopaths'

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Nonverbal learning disorder consequence; inability to organize and clean

Shopping is Really Just an Investment in Your Future Happiness!

Tell people your clutter is really a collection. :)

Hoard Much?

Do you have OCD or are you just sentimental?

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Not splurging on shoes, cars, or video games

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People with material values seem to engage in retail therapy.

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The ego defence of idealization

Can you be a hoarder without hoarding?

Are there links between hoarding and compulsive discarding?

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How the American Journal of Bioethics almost drove me off a cliff

Outside of the Wall

The life of children of hoarders--Guest Blog by Rae Smith