Top 25 List: September 2012

Top 25 List: September 2012

Here are the best reads of this month.

The Eight Reasons People Cheat

The emotional causes—and costs—of affairs.

The Decline of Children’s Freedom

Our schoolchildren are becoming less creative.

Seven Proven Tips for Weight Loss

Strategies based on the latest science.

Five Sex Tips for Men

Get her interested and coming back.

6 Ways to Help Her Oragsm

Create the context in which she can.

10 Creative Block Breakers

Overcome the frustration of feeling blocked.

Catch Liars Using the This/That Trap

The only escape from tag qualifiers is the truth.

Living with Your Introvert

A guide to care and feeding.

I Don't Use Facebook

It doesn't mean I'm maladjusted.

Why We're All Addicted to Twitter

Dopamine makes you addicted to information in an endless loop.

Shaming Children Is Emotionally Abusive

Children respect those who respect them.

Psilocybin and Personality

Drug research sheds light on the basis of personality.

Marrying "Safe?" You Might Be Sorry...

Sometimes not taking romantic risks is risky.

Intuition and How the Mind Works

The invisible gorilla and other ways our intuitions deceive us.

Actively Shaping Our Romantic Futures

Why relationship decision making research matters

The Real Sexual Gender Divide

Men and women feel more similar about sex than most people imagine.

Men Like Heavier Women

Especially when stressed out!

Great Sex: The Recipe

Technique... toys... What are the true ingredients of great sex?

Don’t Train Yourself Like a Dog

The animal element of human nature factors into everything we do.

First Date Goals

Why did you go on your last date?

Vulnerability, The Secret To Intimacy

The vulnerability many fear is the secret of successful relationships.

Worst Mistakes Parents Make

Words change kids' brains. Learn to use them right.

Why We Fear our Deepest Gifts

Embracing the thrilling risk of authenticity.

Broken Love?

Personality disorders and healthy relationships.

Single Midlife Male Seeks Romantic Solution

One man's quest and its alternatives.